Club Crush/Raw Deal Archive: shows featuring Dre

Fall ’89

Crowded studio with a lot of Tone on the wheels on this fall ’89 episode.

February 22, 1990

One of the rare episodes where G (“Mr. Softee!!!”) isn’t in the studio until the very end of the show. Nice, clean tape, full episode with no songs cut. Great selection, hilarious airbreaks (where Tone recounts getting the gas face from Serch fans), solid show all around.

April 5, 1990

Lots of classic conscious material from PRT (who are in the house for an interview), X-Clan, Divine Styler, and PE.

June 7, 1990

Tone disses K-Solo and plays a very dope (and very rare) track of his.

November 1990

Blvd. Mosse is in the studio along with Rahzii, LA Law, and others. Handful of rare tracks on this pre-Thanksgiving 1990 episode.

November 1990

This fall 1990 episode features some unreleased Trenton gems from Tony D and Poor Righteous Teachers and features a full studio.

November 29, 1990
January 17, 1991
January 31, 1991

Lots of Vanilla Ice dissing, because that was a popular past time in 1991. Great WPRB theme song by Courageous Chief.

June 13, 1991

A transition episode from “Club Krush” to “Raw Deal.”

June 20, 1991

This early summer 1991 episode features discussion of some dude they refer to as “Artificial Vanilla” that dresses like Vanilla Ice and frequents area clubs. They also discuss the Flowbee and Tone disses MC Lyte (“her bulb ain’t that bright right now”). QDIII Soundlab’s group the Poet Society is featured in this week’s “Brick It or Vic It.”

August 1 or 8, 1991
October 24, 1991

This classic episode features an amazing Thursday Night Live lineup with 2 Black 2 Strong MMG, Tim Dog, Tony D, BeFyne/B-Fine, Baby Chill, and Mr. Law.

October 31, 1991

Eazy-M’s out trick-or-treating on this Halloween episode. G and Kam take some swings at Power 99 & Colby Colb. Zulu the One Man Gang joins in the studio dropping a live LL parody titled “Mama Really Whipped My Ass” as well as “Drug Dealer Man.”

April 2, 1992

Only the tail end of this episode. The Fu-schnickens are supposed to come up, but never make it. But, Courageous Chief does a solo Thursday Night Live.

June 25, 1992

Tone rolls through an already-full studio to heavily promote the upcoming Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop album.

July 16, 1992

Massive nearly 5 1/2 hour episode with classic 92 flavor, including Thursday Night Live with YZ. Plenty of drama and a packed studio of guests.

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