November 1990

This episode was one of the few I recorded on a high bias cassette. On side A, G mentions a crazy show happening on Thanksgiving (though G says Friday the 23rd) at the Civic Center in Philly that will feature Blvd. Mosse, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, Masta Ace, Three Times Dope (whose new track Eazy disses), K-Solo, YZ, The Jaz, Cool C, and Intelligent Hoodlum. Some rare tracks are played, including FOA Posse, the Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad (TL and DJ Too Tuff from the Tuff Crew), and Smooth Law J. Blvd. Mosse is in the house for an interview.

This episode is likely from November 1990 based on their announcement of the show on the 23rd, meaning it’s either Nov 1, 8, or 15 (I’m guessing the 15th).

Side A

  • There It Is… Groove B Chill (partial)
  • Party Pack… Tragedy Khadafi
  • ‘Cause I Can Do It Right… Big Daddy Kane
  • Adams Nightmare… Tony D
  • Wake Up (Reprise In The Sunshine)… Brand Nubian
  • Mike G drop
  • Erase Racism (feat. Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane)… Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Reality… 360 Degrees
  • Airbreak
  • Foolish One… FOA Posse (guessing on the title here)
  • Be Black… King Sun
  • Poor Righteous Teachers drop

Side B

  • Poor Righteous Teachers freestyle drop
  • Self-Styled Wisdom… Poor Righteous Teachers (cut)
  • Just to Get a Rep… Gang Starr
  • T.L. Back to Yell… Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad
  • Airbreak (over T.L. Back to Yell (Instrumental… Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad), interview with Blvd. Mosse and Rahzii Hi-Powa
  • Thursday Night Live with Blvd. Mosse and Rahzii (into Eazy’s set)
  • Can’t Escape the Hypeness… Blvd. Mosse (cut)
  • Ed Lover drop
  • Milky Cereal… L.L. Cool J
  • The Devil Made Me Do It (Radio)… Paris
  • The Power Of Myself Is Moving… Isis
  • Music Man… Master Ace
  • Airbreak with quick Tony D & LA Law Thursday Night Live/Ads (“I saw it on the radio” ad)/Airbreak
  • Sweat the Funk Loose… Smooth Law J

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