April 2, 1992

Only the tail end of this episode. The Fu-schnickens are supposed to come up, but never make it. But, Courageous Chief does a solo Thursday Night Live.

(Episode dated by Hip-Hop Concert Calendar and music played.)

Side A (starts a little before 11pm)

  • Everything Is Fair… A Tribe Called Quest (cut)
  • Duck Down… Boogie Down Productions (cut)
  • Kenny Parker drop
  • Airbreak
  • Pluckin’ Cards… Ultramagnetic MC’s (cut)
  • Fakin’ the Funk… Main Source
  • Rub of the Wax (feat. Leaders of the New School)… Powerule
  • Special Ed drop
  • Nighttrain (feat. C.L. Smooth)… Public Enemy
  • Fudge Pudge (Remix)… Organized Konfusion
  • Like a Throttle… Boogie Down Productions
  • Airbreak
  • Tim Dog drop
  • Mic Terrorist… B.O.$.
  • Babalu Bad Boy… Mellow Man Ace
  • A Tribe Called Quest drop
  • Airbreak
  • Thursday Night Live
    • Courageous Chief
  • Airbreak/Ads into Sounds from the Underground

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