June 22, 1990

A summer ’90 Friday episode of Club Krush with Eazy, Tony D, and Big Bob (from WPRB’s A-Team). Tone debuts a bunch of new Trenton material from PRT and Blvd. Mosse (world premiere where Tone declares “If your mom ain’t hear [the Blvd. Mosse] she needs to get up off the toilet”). We also learn that Tone’s ponytail gives him his “rapping ability.”

Comes from G’s soundboard recording.

Side A

  • Club Krush Intro (That’s Eazy)
  • Intro Airbreak
  • ?
  • Jamaican Funk… Michie Mee
  • To Da Break of Dawn… L.L. Cool J
  • Funky for You… Nice & Smooth
  • Sex Packets… Digital Underground
  • Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?… X-Clan
  • Ed Lover drop
  • Airbreak (over Let Me Show You… Chill Rob G) into Tony D’s set
  • You Played Yourself… Ice-T
  • Me & The Biz (Feat. Biz Markie)… Masta Ace
  • Rock Dis Funky Joint (Remix)… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Rock Dis Funky Joint (On Fire Instrumental)… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Rock Dis Funky Joint… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Def Duo, Diamond D, New Sounds drops
  • Strictly for the Ladies… Lord Finesse

Side B

  • Can’t Escape the Hypeness… Blvd. Mosse
  • Jarobi drop
  • Airbreak (G giving out tickets to Plainfield, NJ show with PRT and MC Lyte)/Ads/Airbreak into Eazy’s set
  • Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Remix)… Eric B. & Rakim
  • Brooklyn-Queens (Remix) (Instrumental)… 3rd Bass (?)
  • Special Ed drop
  • Brothers Gonna Work It Out… Public Enemy
  • 10 Lil’ Sucka Emceez… Three Times Dope
  • ?
  • ?, Jungle Brothers, Ed Lover drops
  • Airbreak (11:30pm) into Tony D’s set
  • Crocodile Dundee… YZ
  • King Sun drops
  • The Gods Are Taking Heads (feat. Poor Righteous Teachers)… King Sun
  • Jungle Brothers drop
  • I Got Ta… Masta Ace


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