July 6, 1990

Crowded studio. Gusto discusses the release of 360 Degrees‘ album on their own Soul Power Records, coming in 2 1/2 weeks. Almighty & KD Ranks share a rare track, “Can’t Test We,” on side B.

(For some reason, this tape only recorded on one channel (not sure if it was a broadcast issue or a tape deck issue), so I’ve converted it to a single mono track.)

Side A

  • “It’s Eazy” Intro Airbreak
  • Can I Kick It?… A Tribe Called Quest
  • Sex Packets… Digital Underground
  • Funky For You… Nice & Smooth
  • Brothers Gonna Work It Out… Public Enemy
  • To Da Break of Dawn… L.L. Cool J
  • Honey, That’s Showbiz… 2 Deep
  • Airbreak (over Get Your Mother Off The Crack (Instrumental)… Audio Two)
  • Reality… 360 Degrees
  • No Bones in Ice Cream… Nice and Smooth
  • Strictly for the Ladies… Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth

Side B

  • Ed Lover drop
  • Crocodile Dundee… YZ
  • Take the Bait… Craig G
  • Special Ed drop
  • The Mission… Special Ed
  • Airbreak (over Stop, Look, Listen (Instrumental)… MC Lyte)
  • Ads
  • Airbreak (over Stop, Look, Listen (Instrumental)… MC Lyte)
  • Can’t Test We… Almighty & KD Ranks
  • The Rhythm… Kwamé
  • Lies… En Vogue
  • We Rock the Mic Right… Redhead Kingpin & The FBI
  • Brooklyn-Queens (The U.K. Power Mix)… 3rd Bass
  • Ownlee Eue… Kwamé & A New Beginning

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