January 25, 1990

Here’s the tape I’ve been searching for for years: the first time I heard Tony D, G, and Eazy-M on WPRB. I thought it was from summer or fall 1989, but apparently I’m just getting old: the tape is likely from January 1990 based on the songs that were played. For instance, there was a world premiere of a Queen Latifah song that John Book said came out around springtime 1990. However, I have a tape explicitly labeled for February 1, 1990, so I’m going to assume this tape came from the week before and G just happened to get a white label release before the official release.

This episode is the one that started a four year ritual of listening every week and taping almost every show. In addition to an incredible selection of NJ hip-hop, the banter between Tony D, Eazy-M, and G is classic.

Track listing

  • Time to Say Peace… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Do You Want to Get Hype… Too Kool Posse
  • unknown instrumental
  • Manifest… Gang Starr
  • Airbreak/Ads
  • Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children (feat. De La Soul)… Queen Latifah (world premiere)
  • You Must Learn… Boogie Down Productions
  • Original Stylin’… Three Times Dope
  • Another Victory… Big Daddy Kane
  • Evil That Men Do… Queen Latifah (cut very short)

Download here or stream below