February 15, 1990

Starting with this episode, Club Krush shifted an hour earlier, running on Thursdays from 9-11pm. Lance (referred to in a later episode as “Lance with the Dookey Stain Pants”) is in the studio. G discusses his new car and why it’s better than Tone’s (“I’ve got a radio in the dash!”). There’s also talk of the infamous Buster Douglas/Mike Tyson fight.

A little before the 20 minute mark of side B, PRT rolls through to promote their upcoming album and their video shoot for “Rock This Funky Joint.”

Side A

  • Dope on a Rope… Nice & Smooth
  • Tower with the Power… YZ (w/ Def Duo drop)
  • We Rock the Mic Right… Redhead Kingpin & The FBI
  • Pubic Enemy… A Tribe Called Quest
  • DJ Premier In Deep Concentration… Gang Starr
  • The Humpty Dance (Instrumental)… Digital Underground
  • Airbreak
  • Ads (Tone’s Sound of Trenton ad,
  • Airbreak
  • Heed the Words of the Brother… X-Clan
  • The Music… Just-Ice
  • Ghetto Thang… De La Soul
  • Welcome to the Terrordome… Public Enemy (partial)

Side B

  • Welcome to the Terrordome… Public Enemy (continued)
  • Airbreak (with my first shout-out)
  • Ads
  • Airbreak into Tone’s set
  • Swing Beat… Rock N’ Gee & D.J. Shawn
  • Listen to Me Brother… Tony D
  • Mack of Rap (Instrumental)… Markey Fresh
  • Airbreak
  • Rock This Funky Joint… Poor Righteous Teachers
  • Dissin’ All Devils… Jam J & Third Eye Structure
  • Airbreak into Eazy-M and Fresh J’s Too Smooth
  • E.F.F.E.C.T. (Instrumental)… Tony D

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