December 1992

Peace to G for the tail end of this late 1992 episode with an appearance by The Coup’s Boots Riley, who was struggling through a cold. There was enough cursing that I’m sure G was sweating.

Date estimated based on reference to cold weather and “running things in 1992 and 93.”

  • Not Gonna Be Able To Do It… Double X Posse (in progress)
  • Thursday Night Live (over Deep Cover (Instrumental)… Dr. Dre) with The Coup, Total Pack, and The Goats (?)
  • Knowledge… Gang Starr
  • Genius Rap… Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Ride the Rhythm… Chill Rob G
  • Baby, You Nasty… Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth
  • Plug Tunin’… De La Soul
  • Sexy… Masters of Ceremony
  • Airbreak (12:59am)

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