April 23, 1992

This is only the final ten minutes of an episode but it packs a lot in. It starts right off with an excellent Thursday Night Live featuring Excalibur (I think), a fast-rap emcee who sounds an awful lot like Malik from one of my favorite white labels of all-time, “Dial M for Murder.” Malik was from Camden, so it’s very possible that is indeed him.

Then, Camden’s own Krown Rulers (now briefly known as XLG) kick the ball with a nice taste of what they’re up to at the time.

I’m dating this one at April 23, 1992 because G mentions the Source Tour coming to town that coming Sunday. Thanks to @oklo_audio for digging up an old Source ad to help find the date (don’t miss his Source Ads tumblr).

  • Thursday Night Live: Excalibur
  • Russian Roulette… Courageous Chief
  • Nightshift (Remix)… Positive K
  • Thursday Night Live: Krown Rulers (XLG)
  • Final airbreak


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