Club Crush/Raw Deal Archive: shows featuring Jesse

October 31, 1991

Eazy-M’s out trick-or-treating on this Halloween episode. G and Kam take some swings at Power 99 & Colby Colb. Zulu the One Man Gang joins in the studio dropping a live LL parody titled “Mama Really Whipped My Ass” as well as “Drug Dealer Man.”

November 7, 1991
March 12, 1992

Huge 11-hour show, running from 1pm until midnight. So far, 8 1/2 hours have been archived featuring a rare Bumani X track, a set by DJ Ran, and all sorts of other classics.

April 9, 1992

Mike Elliot’s in the house and Jay-Ski makes his first (?) PRB appearance. Demo from Trenton kid-group Youth of Noble Birth.

July 9, 1992

Excellent early summer ’92 episode featuring a deep 25-minute Thursday Night Live session with many local emcee luminaries.

July 16, 1992

Massive nearly 5 1/2 hour episode with classic 92 flavor, including Thursday Night Live with YZ. Plenty of drama and a packed studio of guests.

October 22, 1992

Solid fall ’92 episode with a returning DJ Kam after he had fallen. Blvd Mosse rolls through for an interview.

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